Darleda Merks. District 12. Age 14.
You know my name, not my story. You’ve heard what I’ve done, not what I’ve been through. So stop judging me.
Surviving |Harlo|

Just outside of the private training room, Darleda placed down the basket of food and clean shirt away from the door, well hidden enough that Rick wouldn’t notice it when he stormed out. Knocking quietly on the door, Darleda slipped through standing awkwardly and waiting for someone to realize she’d walked in. It was obvious by the look on Ricks face that he wasn’t please. Rushing through the rest of his lesson with Harlo, he pushed past Darleda with force, pausing beside her to hiss something about ruining Harlo’s chances of survival. The fact was; Darleda was taking him away from his private sessions early and in the arena, the little things could mean the difference between life and death. Visibly flinching, Rick seemed to get to his satisfaction, and quickly left the room. Darleda remain where she was for a few seconds, eyes sticking to the ground as she listened to the door shut behind her and Rick’s footsteps get quieter as they disappeared down the hall. Once she was positive he was out of ear shot, she walked over to Harlo with a hand towel and water bottle. “I have a clean shirt and everything else outside, but I figured if Rick saw it he’d know we planned something… anyways. How was your session?” 

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    Darleda was preparing for Rick the entire time he spoke, ignoring his words all together. She simply watched his...
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    "She has got to be joking," Rick said, actually addressing Harlo this time. For once, the two men were thinking the same...
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